EP.01 - “But My Boys Don’t Swim”

After a one-night fling, Josh gets a shocking call from Sofia, drawing him down to Argentina and into unknown territory: Sofia’s eccentric family, her jealous ex, and the pending results of the paternity test.

EP.02 - “Bougie Gaucho Party”

Confused after the test results, Sofia disappears. Josh joins her family for a bbq at a traditional Argentine ranch and is torn between sticking around or returning to NYC for an investor meeting that could change his life.

EP.03 - “Sex, Lies, & Sofia”

Josh and Sofia meet the doula, practicing positions for the 'big day." Sofia’s mother and best friend tell her to forget the unreliable yanqui. Sofia reconsiders her music career and has a momentous encounter with her ex, Diego.

EP.04 - “It Takes Three to Tango”

Josh struggles in a fútbol match with Sofia's family. At the ultrasound, Josh and Sofia agree to wait to learn the gender. She invites Josh to her tango group; Josh gets jealous watching Sofia and Diego and heads to the airport.

EP.05 - “Return to Yanquilandia”

In NYC, Josh sees his ex but can't perform in bed. An oddball investor suggests they go to Baltimore to meet Josh’s family. Josh has a surprising run-in with his recovering alcoholic stepfather and decides to return to Buenos Aires. 

EP.06 - “Barcelona”

How Josh met Sofia: Fleeing his start-up and relationship woes, Josh flies to Spain on a whim. Sofia catches her fiance-to-be kissing a man and turns their planned vacay into a solo one. A chance encounter, sangria, & tipsy hotel sex ensue. Also: a broken condom.

EP.07 - “Enemy of My Enemy”

Back in B.A. to repair things with Sofia, Josh attends a concert that could revitalize her music career. But after new discoveries and a threeway confrontation with Diego, Sofia tanks her performance. She sends Josh packing once and for all.

EP.08 - “Daddy Issues”

Months later in NYC, Josh’s new app is an unexpected hit but he’s despondent. He decides to finally track down his bio dad and uncovers a surprising truth. With a new outlook on fatherhood, Josh calls Sofia for the first time in ages–but her mom picks up: Sofia is being driven to the hospital, having gone into labor weeks early. Josh dashes to the airport in a desperate attempt to arrive for the birth.